Galka Emmy Scheyer in Hollywood

Marx Brothers »Scissors«, Ansichtskarte

In the autumn of 1928, Galka Emmy Scheyer was the star of a comedy play „Enter Madame“ in San Francisco. Then she wrote to her four „Blue Kings“ that she was moving: „Good day Hollywood. Will I end up as a movie actress after all?“ Feininger replied: „For today, many cordial greetings and wishes for your success in Hollywood! Give my love to Greta Garbo.“

A little later, Galka Scheyer was able to proudly report: „Garbo“ came to visit! „She was enchanted and charming and ran like a little child from pictures to flowers and was delighted at everything and sighed: Oh, if only I could live like that just once.“

Marlene Dietrich („cultivated, also beautiful and vivacious“) also dropped by, and the two ladies enjoyed talking on the phone. „We have become very friendly,“ wrote Galka Emmy Scheyer, hoping to introduce the wealthy Hollywood stars to modern European art. That’s why she socialized with many of them: Dorothy Arzner, Oskar Fischinger, Fritz Lang, Harpo Marx… „These Marx brothers are excellent comedians and highly gifted in many ways,“ Kandinsky rejoiced.

It is also possible that on Sunset Strip she met up with Charlotte Lange, who had helped found the Society of Friends of Young Art in Braunschweig and was then married to a painter and set designer named Miles who worked at Walt Disney Studios.

Photo: Marx Brothers, »Scissors«
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