Galka Scheyer Biography

Gilbert Holzgang: Galka Scheyer – Ein Leben für Kunst und Kreativität

The recently published comprehensive biography of Galka Scheyer, (hardcover, 345 pages, 290 illustrations) has been highly acclaimed in the press. The publication (ISBN 978-3-7319-1366-5) was made possible by the Galka Emmy Scheyer Association.

Media echoes:

»More often than not you find single authors doing research on the life and work of a forgotten personality. They check sources for facts that reach beyond the mere biographical data. Brilliantly successful in this art is Swiss theatermaker Gilbert Holzgang.« (Maria Brosowsky, taz Nord, January 17, 2024)

»The vibrant core of this book form the constant ups and downs of Scheyer’s relation to her quartet. She was not successful as agent but nevertheless convinced of her mission’s importance.« (Andreas Platthaus, FAZ-online, December 2, 2023)

»An intensive good read about an eventful time and an exciting life. A must-read.« (Andreas Berger, Braunschweiger Zeitung, December 9, 2023)

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Emmy Scheyer (Renée), Im Frühstückszimmer, 1915, Private Collection, London (Detail)
Emmy E. Scheyer and Eintracht Braunschweig
Wolfenbütteler Strasse 2, Braunschweig, Foto Privat
The Blue Four in Braunschweig
Villa Rimpau, circa 1920, Fotograf unbekannt, Stadtarchiv Braunschweig (Detail)
Galka Scheyer Atlas
Galka Emmy Scheyer mit Kindern, circa 1940, Lette Valeska, Copyright of Julia Hammid and the Estate of Tino Hammid
Galka Emmy Scheyer and the children
Die blaue Vier, The Blue Four, Galka Emmy Scheyer Zentrum
Galka Emmy Scheyer in Hollywood